High quality beefWAGYU beef roasted restaurant
~ Uses passionate Japanese techniques for tactile and hearty meat dishes.

Wagyu Beef Gion pure color ~TSUMUGI~.

Beef selected by the "Meat Beef Master".
Wagyu beef WAGYU
Beef of the highest quality.We offer our best service to our general staff.
Because of this, the use of charcoal is slow and slow.The quality of the meat is preserved.
Enough to dissolve the fat and make it even more delicious.Smooth taste
Meat goods plate Japanese offeringAsk any time.

Notes on details during the process
Course plan
A special note on the course of the course,
The main dish is a "rare part" recommended by the chef.
Other products include meat sushi and seafood sushi.jewelry
Regular offering 20-30 varieties of wine.Also, enjoy marriage.
Suitable for U.S. Celebration Activities and Commercial Works.

Dinner for special occasions
luxury packaging
It is a tourist attraction between the castle, Yoshiro city and other parts of the city.Western style for store design.
Contemporary marble base,A private person's dining room has a red color, and it is luxurious.
Anniversary peace agreement evening banquetBoth the parents and the parents used it for dinner in the evening.

Citrus pedestal sitting position: 6 pieces.
Sitting position: 4-6 people.
Between one person and half a person: Approximately 4 to 6 people


"Speciality" is what you get.
This is the only way to get the most researched, high-quality dishes. It doesn't taste good, but it's also effective and recommended for special occasions. The chef's favorite rare and rare beef, the smooth and tender sea porridge, the richness of the liver and the richness of the beef flavor, the tail of the beef... Enjoy the fullest taste of our special products, the perfect combination of beef and delicious sake. It is also an ideal selection for New Year's gatherings, farewell parties, and Japanese women's gatherings.


Fine selection of Wagyu beef, charcoal grilled, aromatic nose.
The charcoal burner allows you to melt the fat and enjoy the natural flavor of the meat and the sweet taste. In addition, we have various kinds of fresh Japanese beef sushi, Japanese steamed vegetables, and side dishes for you to choose from. The basic beef cut is cooked in different ways, and the taste is different.


The content of the meat arrangement is as follows.
20-30 types of wine available. The recommended liquor conditions are as follows. Sake is the best drink in the world! We offer Asahi super dried sake with a refreshing taste. At the same time as enjoying delicious sake, you can also enjoy delicious meat. A happy time to enjoy all your heart.


Private room at your option
During the walk, the meeting took place in a completely different contemporary space with a view of Kyoto Castle City. Can accommodate 2-10 people. When you sit on a sand-style chair, you can freely relax your body and mind in the environment that suits you. The marble pedestal in one building is simple and luxurious, and the kitchen is right in front of you. Suitable for special occasions such as complimentary dinners, anniversaries, marriage ceremonies, etc.




My personal belongings



Delivery time is 24 hours per day.


Store information

Official] Wagyu Beef Gyoen Old Board - TSUMUGI

Yamatodaiji-dori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
No. 69, Motocho, Shinbashi East, 1F/2F
3 minutes walk from Keihan Gion Shijo Station.
Walk to Hankyu Kawaramachi Station in 7 minutes.
Phone Number
Business Hour
[Star period one to star period six].
(Food 21:00, Drinks 21:00)

February 2024, 2 关闭.
Normal closing date
周日/ *计划外假期.
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The owner of the room is allowed to smoke.
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Non-receiving electric charge clause
Dinner time: 5% service charge
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